ByBenji Biltong Sausage

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ByBenji Biltong Sausage

80g / 500g

The full on biltong experience but in a sausage!

  • Marinated and minced Silverside of Beef.
  • Softer texture easy to chew.
  • Snaps easily by hand.
  • Ideal dental friendly option for pensioner pooches

The Biltong Sausage has been described as the Burger to the steak!

Made purely of marinated and minced Silverside of Beef.

The perfect option for “keen” appetites as the intensity of flavour is found in every tiny morsel - the smallest of crumbs will be enough to satisfy!

No Gluten

No Corn

No Wheat


No Soya

No Artificial Flavourings

No Carbohydrates