Meat Love Lamb

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Meat Love Pure Lamb with Unpeeled Millet

800g or 400g

• Single protein
• Gluten-free

Perfect llightly cooked raw alternative

80% lamb (20% lamb meat, 20% lamb paste, 15% lamb heart, 15% lamb rumen, 15% lamb lung, 15% lamb liver), 15% unpeeled millet, brewer´s yeast, safflower, eggshell powder

Crude protein 14.2%, crude fat 8.8%, crude ash 3.3%, crude fibre 3.2%, moisture 66.5%, carbohydrates 4.0%

577 kJ/100 g (138 kcal)

Ca = 0,17%, P = 0,30%

Brown millet is rich in minerals and trace elements (iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc), but also in many B vitamins. In comparison with golden millet, considerably more micronutrients are contained in brown millet. Brown millet is considered to be an excellent source of silicon, which primarily supports the health of bones and joints, fur as well as connective tissue and has an inhibitive effect on inflammations in the body.