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Meat Love Farmer Menu
Chicken, Lamb & Beef with Cottage Cheese & Sweet Potato


Quality wet food lightly steamed so minimal loss of valuable nutrients but no need to freeze - perfect for camping, caravanning or for stuffing treat toys

80% meat and innards (28% chicken meat, 10% beef meat, 10% beef lung, 10% lamb heart, 7% chicken stomach, 5% chicken liver, 5% chicken necks, 5% beef heart), 5.8% carrots, 5% sweet potatoes, 2% cottage cheese, brewer´s yeast, parsley, whole egg, sea salt, cod liver oil, chamomile, eggshell powder, yucca root extract

Crude protein 13.8%, crude fat 6.2%, crude ash 5.4%, crude fibre 3.0%, moisture 70.4%, carbohydrates 1.2%